29.04 – 05.06.2022 :: Sanatorium, Istanbul

Curated by Yağız Özgen, “Metamorphoses from Causal Relations to Indexical Signs” looks into causal relations between events that are the building blocks of the world surrounding the human being. By means of a language system with an indexical character that they have created, each artist addresses the change in objects by focusing on a specific phenomenon peculiar to their own field of interest. These phenomena vary from the material nature of television to an artist’s individual life, from the emergence of the human-specific articulate language during the evolution of vitality to the total energy amount that is spent by the electronic equipment in an exhibition.

Artists: Hasan Akdaş, Şahsenem Altıparmak, Irmak Canevi, Burak Kabadayı, Ali Miharbi

(Photo: Zeynep Fırat)