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Volvelles (2022) is a series of works, each of which consisting of freely rotating, concentric metal wheels utilized to create combinations of concepts related to methodologies, frameworks, acts or approaches in creative processes.

Tesla Valve

Tesla Valve (2022) is a walkway with barriers whose geometry is based on Nikola Tesla’s invention originally known as a “valvular conduit” that allows gases or liquids to flow preferentially in one direction, without utilizing any moving parts.


Waterline (2022) is an installation where printed numbers on the wall function as a scale to show the elevation of the exhibition space. The markings are reminiscent of waterline markings on the hull of ships that indicate their draft.

Air Looms

Air Looms (2022) utilizes infrared bulbs with local heating features where each bulb is adjusted to emit light and heat at different intensities. The design and functioning of the work are based on topological maps that relate body parts to emotions.


Whispering (2016-2022) is a series of sound installations where acoustic resonators designed after human vocal tract models create whisper-like sounds by the air flowing through them.

Wind Organ

Wind Organ (2017) is an outdoor installation with five stainless steel tube poles that function like side-blown flutes played by the wind. Each instrument has a different resonator shape based on simplified models of the human vocal tract corresponding to the vowels A, E, O, U, I.

Eyes of the TV

Eyes of the TV (2017) is a screen-based installation where the eyes of the persons speaking on CNN Türk are automatically captured in real-time, zoomed in to cover the whole screen and displayed silently.

The Wind

The Wind (2017) is a wind direction indicator enclosed in a glass case and custom electronics running it. Using live online weather forecast data, the device acts as if the actual wind outside is also blowing inside the glass case.


Breath (2017) consists of four monitors leaning against the walls of a dark room, each with a different color continually pulsating. Each color’s rhythm is synchronized with a different kind of abnormal respiratory sound.


Rake (2016) is a wall installation consisting of a rake attached to two linear actuators that makes it scratch the wall surface.