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Stroke (2014) is an installation consisting of large linear actuator motors, each equipped with a different object attached to its tip: a cleaning brush, a plunger, a window squeegee and a garden rake.

Chess without War

Chess without War (2013) is a chess game where both sides are played randomly by a computer with the additional rule that no side is allowed to take any pieces of the opponent.

Machine that Whips the Wall

Machine that Whips the Wall (2011/2013) is a machine equipped with a whip that continually hits different spots on the gallery wall.

Machine that Tickles the Wall

Machine that Tickles the Wall (2013) is a small mechanical arm with a feather attached to its tip. Touching the edge of a gallery wall, it imitates various types of tickling movements.

13532 Clicks

13532 Clicks (2013) was an installation/machine performance in a dark room, projector and an automated web browser that continually tried to open a series of blocked websites in Turkey and failed each time.

3D Print Embodied by the Mouse Movements of Its Own Purchasing

3D Print Embodied by the Mouse Movements of Its Own Purchasing (2013), is a 3D print whose shape was determined by the artist’s mouse movements on an online 3D printing & shopping website.

Simple Present

Simple Present (2013) is a collection of 35 clocks, each matching the inaccuracy of a specific clock in public or commercial spaces in Istanbul.


Panemoticon (2012), created in collaboration with John Priestley, is a Firefox add-on that tracks the user’s mouse movements, analyses those data to gauge the user’s mood, and maps that information to create generative music.


Séance (2011) is a mechanical sound installation that reflects routine human actions such as working, sleeping, eating and walking that people talk about in online conversations such as in Twitter, filtered to be limited to a specific time zone. 

Faces on Mars

Faces on Mars (2010) is a collection of 100 digital prints, arranged in a 20×5 grid on a wall. The image on each print is a false positive result of face detection software searching for faces on the surface of Mars.