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Bites (2010) is a software with a custom audio mixer to adjust the duration and volume of the audio-visual record of the artist biting different food.

Torture Wheel

Wheel Torture (2010) is an installation consisting of a computer-controlled bicycle wheel with a toy monkey strapped on it and a small display screen.

Movie Mirrors

Movie Mirrors (2009-2010) consists of a computer, monitor, a webcam and custom face detection software. The viewer sees his or her mirror image being switched back and forth to characters from movie images surrounded by their scene.


Rtuk (2009) is a Firefox add-on which enables anonymous users to “censor” any text on any web page, so that they see a version of the Internet that is continuously being erased.

Last Time

Last Time (2009) is an installation with an analog wall clock and a button underneath. Each time the button is pressed, the arms of the clock rotate to catch up the current time and stops there until it is pressed again.

Darwin’s Birthday

Darwin’s Birthday (2009) is a compilation of varying screenshots taken from local Google pages from 110 different countries on 12 February 2009 – 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birth.

Opus 46

Opus 46 (2009) was made after the Fluxus artist Eric Anderson’s Opus 46 (1963), reconstructing his sentence “This sentence should not be read by more than one person at the same time” based on the snippets returned from Google Books search results.

DMCA Encoded and Decoded

DMCA Encoded and Decoded (2009) consists of two superimposed encodings of the digital rights law which is part of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA), one engraved as a byte-by-byte encoding on a frame, the other as a semantic map on paper.


Delegations (2007-2008) uses a combination of statistically extracted face features of the members of the parliament to reconstruct the face of the viewer in real time.