Solo Exhibition: Séance

Séance 9/9/2011 – 10/8/2011

Solo exhibition at Interstate Projects; Séance is also the name of my recent mechanical sound installation that reflects basic human actions such as working, sleeping, eating and walking through live Twitter feeds.

Exhibition: FILE São Paulo 2011

FILE São Paulo 2011 takes place from July 19 to August 21, 2011 at the FIESP Cultural Center – Ruth Cardoso. In the program, immersive and interactive installations, tablets, animations, games, machinimas, besides works of web art, video, documentaries, music clips and sound experiments.

I will be participating with an updated version of Movie Mirrors.

July 19 to August 21, 2011 :: FIESP Cultural Center – Ruth Cardoso, Avenida Paulista 1313, São Paulo, Brazil.

Alessandro Ludovico & Paolo Cirio; Ali Miharbi; Andreas muk Haider; Annica Cuppetelli & Cristobal Mendoza; Ben Jack; Christoph Haag, Martin Rumori, Franziska Windisch & Ludwig Zeller; Coletivo COLETORES: Toni William, Flávio Camargo, Daniela Cordeiro & Karina Marques; Daniela Arrais & Luiza Voll; Eduardo Omine; Elie Zananiri, Hugues Bruyère & Mathieu Léger; Eric Siu (Support: Yoshihiro Watanabe, Hiroaki Ohno, Hideki Takeoka & Benjamin Xiao); Esther Hunziker; Hye Yeon Nam; Joachim Smetschka; Joon Y. Moon; Julian Jaramillo Arango; Julian Palacz; Juliana Mori; Karina Smigla-Bobinski; Kimchi & Chips; Lars Lundehave Hansen; Lauren McCarthy; Lawrence Malstaf; Matt Roberts; NaJa & deOstos (Project Team: Ricardo de Ostos, Nannette Jackowski, Manuel Jimenez, Thomas Sicouri); PirarucuDuo: Fernando Visockis & Thiago Parizi; Rafaël Rozendaal; Rejane Cantoni & Leonardo Crescenti; Ricardo Barreto, Maria Hsu & AMUDI; Ricardo Iglesias García; Ryoichi Kurokawa; Soraya Braz & Fábio FON; Tamás Waliczky; Tim Coe; Yoshi Akai; Yujiro Kabutoya & Kazushi Mukaiyama

Festival Internacional de Linguagem Eletrônica / Electronic Language international Festival

Work in progress: Séance

With some delay, here’s a quick documentation of the first working prototype for a mechanical sound installation that I have been working on. It reflects the use of basic human actions such as work, sleep, eat, walk, etc. that people talk about on Twitter, filtered to be limited to a specific time zone. In this version 10 words are linked to a solenoid each of which is tied to the wall (to be extended to ceiling, floor or anything suitable in the space that can create a noise) and hit it every time it is mentioned. Frequency of a given word changes based on the time of the day and the day of the week since the average human behavior in the city is expected to have certain patterns, such as “work” being mentioned less in a Saturday afternoon compared to a Monday morning; or “sleep” being mentioned more certain times of the day.

Top-down vs. Bottom-up

Below is a quickly made list of some top-down vs. bottom-up pairs.

Abstraction Instantiation
Reverse-engineeringProduct Design

In Common Ground in a Liquid City, anarchist architect Matt Hern argued that the most successful cities have been the ones that managed to balance planned and organic development. Manuel De Landa wrote in A Thousand Years of Nonlinear History that the rise of Europe highly relied on a mixture of Central Place hierarchies such as Paris, Prague, Milan and networked Gateway cities like Venice, Antwerp, Genoa, Amsterdam, London. Philip Galanter started his paper What is Complexism? Generative Art and the Cultures of  Science and the Humanities by first naming usual polarities such as absolute-relative, progress-circulation, fixed-random, hierarchy-collapse, authority-contention, author-text in order to contrast modern and postmodern culture and then proposed a synthesis of the two: “Complexism” that is associated with terms such as distributed, emergent, chaotic and connectionist.

This list for me is just a way of thinking aloud, by counting examples that aren’t necessarily binary oppositions nor dichotomies, but rather approaches, processes that can run simultaneously in opposite directions within an abstract machine, with the potential of creating a complex system with feedback.

Infra-Slim Energy

“Notes on the Infra-Slim” by Marcel Duchamp (1945):

A transformer designed to utilize slight, wasted energies such as:
the excess of pressure on an electric switch
the exhalation of tobacco smoke
the growth of a head of hair, of other body hair and of the nails
the fall of urine and excrement
movements of fear, astonishment, boredom, anger
dropping of tears
demonstrative gestures of hands, feet, nervous tics
forbidding glances
falling over with surprise
stretching, yawning, sneezing
ordinary spitting and of blood
unruly hair, cowlicks
the sound of nose-blowing, snoring
whistling, singing
sighs, etc. [...]

Although not nearly as poetic, here’s an image from Human Generated Power for Mobile Electronics by Thad Starner & Joseph A. Paradiso:

Possible power recovery from body-centered sources. (Total power in parentheses)

A poetic writing from mid-20th century on the everyday and the infra-slim evoking current research on energy harvesting seems to be another case where a once-marginal artistic idea turns (not entirely, but still) into a necessity, similar to Oulipo and Twitter.


Presentation: New Media Showcase

I will be participating in a series of short presentations by 18 artists, organized by the New Media Caucus during the week of CAA 2011 in New York. Here are the details on time and  location:

New Media Showcase & Reception at SVA MFA Computer Art Department
SVA MFA Computer Art Department – 133-141 West 21st Street
Showcase: Wed 2/9, 6-8pm, Room 101-C Lecture Hall
Reception: Wed 2/9, 8-10pm, 10th Floor

Join us at the School of Visual Arts MFA Computer Arts Department for an impressive lineup of 18 presentations by NMC member artists about their work. Following the presentations will be a reception with food and drink, and video screenings of work from members of the NMC in an informal, relaxed atmosphere! NMC Showcase Presentations by: Victoria Bradbury, Jon Cates, Rachel Clarke, Seth Cluett, Peter DiPietro, Rachel Beth Egenhoefer, Dave Gordon, B. Colby Jennings, Patrick Lichty, Justin Lincoln, Christina McPhee, Ali Miharbi, A. Bill Miller, Molly Morin, Leila Nadir, Simone Paterson, Jack Stenner, and Daniel Temkin.

Other NMC events occurring during the week of CAA: